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About our Company

Azania ML Cleaning Services was established in 2013 and operates from Stadium Area, Maseru. It is a hundred percent (100%) Basotho owned company, a creation of young ambitious people with a vast experience in the cleaning service industry. We offer services at all levels being either to businesses or respective members of the society at national and international level. We are experts in: cleaning services.

Our cleaning products are SABS approved hence can be safely used industrially and in households without posing any unforeseen harm to individuals or the environment.

Our Vision

To bring the Azania quality to every individual, while delivering value to our stakeholders.
We aim to become a local and international partner of choice to reputable companies offering a fully integrated and comprehensive range of products and services.

Our Mission

Azania ML aims to keep the customer satisfied by providing world class services at all times. The company strives to keep the customer in pursuit of Azania ML quality services.

Company Objectives

Azania ML is a company with great energy to pursue development in society and in the businessworld, creating jobs for Basotho. The main responsibility is to open international market opportunities as a company that recognises social responsibility issues, procurement strategies and supply chain management.

Our Specialties

Services We Provide

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services are the most thorough and professional you can find locally. We use a wide variety of modern cleaning tools, and we customize our carpet cleaning solutions to each job.

Couches & Car Seats Cleaning

We remove all tough stains or marks in your car seats or couches or upholstery without harming them. We deep clean Car interior (car seats, Mattresses, Couches, Matts etc). We do after party Cleaning and Moving Out Cleaning.

Medical supplies & PPE

For medical supplies we provide, pregnancy test, glucometer, drug test, blood pressure monitor, medical needles, etc. We also provide quality safety gear, from safety overalls,  safety cloves, safety boots etc.

office/home Pest control & disinfection

Many homes, offices, and commercial premises go through the disinfection and pest control process on a regular basis. Whenever you hire us for your disinfection and pest control services in Lesotho, you can be sure that we will follow the right procedure and process. This is who we are.

Supply of Cleaning Products

You can order commercial and home cleaning products.

Contract Cleaning

We offer cost effective professional office cleaning services for companies, NGO’s, and Government.

We're Fast & Professional

we offer exceptional deep cleaning for industrial buildings, office and homes.

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